Eleanor Goldfield


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Creative Activism

Eleanor founded this concept to blend her various creative works with her passion for socio-political activism. From paintings to screenings, videos, poetry and music, creative activism is a tool to engage, inspire, inform and entertain.

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Eleanor writes for several pro-audio and socio-political publications. Click to see samples and descriptions.

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Rooftop Revolutionaries

The band born from a political group on a rooftop. Eleanor is the co-founder, singer and co-writer. This hard rock band blends a heavy, punchy and catchy sound with Eleanor's lyrics and outspoken viewpoint on everything from the human condition to corporate power.

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In Front of the Camera

Eleanor began acting and modeling at an early age. Puberty hit and nature decided she should take some time off from modeling. She continued to act, however, and is now involved in artistic and creative works both in photography and film.

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